Bonus: Billy Weiland, “Strawberry Moon”

If you stayed after the credits for Episode 6, "Native Son," you heard Billy Weiland perform his guitar composition, "Muir." Here's another one of his picks from his collection of songs on SoundCloud. Okay, so here's a challenge to Billy and all Assateague lovin' musicians. When I would listen to Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring," I … Continue reading Bonus: Billy Weiland, “Strawberry Moon”

Bonus: How Do Horses Get Fresh Water?

This video accompanies Assateague Voices, Episode 5, "Wild Horses." It illustrates how the island's wild horses are able to drink fresh water from the surface the the saltwater Sinepuxent Bay. Science! In the episode, Chris explains how it works, and we thought it would be fun to have some show to go with the tell. … Continue reading Bonus: How Do Horses Get Fresh Water?

Episode 2: Surf’s Up, Part 2

Get your jersey, grab your board. There's the horn. The first heat's underway. In this episode, we drop in on the Eastern Surfing Association Delmarva District's Summer Series Surf contest on Assateague's North Beach, on July 22nd. The waves are perfect, the sky is cloudless, and the mood among the 75 or so contestants of … Continue reading Episode 2: Surf’s Up, Part 2