About the Podcast

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“Assateague Voices” is the podcast that explores the people and places of the Assateague Island region.

Our Mission:

The mission of “Assateague Voices” is to promote the conservation of Assateague Island and inspire action through educational story-telling.

Our Vision:

  • An engaged public educated on the need to respect and conserve Assateague Island’s natural resources;
  • Sustainable restoration methods applied to improving and supporting the island’s resiliency in the face of man-made climate change;
  • A generation of informed visitors and other stakeholders committed to ensuring that Assateague Island’s natural beauty and its benefits will be fully enjoyed for generations to come. 

“Assateague Voices” podcast is not affiliated with the Assateague Island National Seashore Visitors Center, Assateague Island National Seashore or the National Park Service.

About the Podcaster

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“Assateague Voices” is written and produced by me, John Husson. I have visited and camped with my family on Assateague Island since 2002. I live in Baltimore.