Episode 8: #TrashFreeAssateague

Dig the boss flag

In today’s episode, I talk with Billy Weiland of Assateague Coastal Trust, about ACT’s #TrashFreeAssateague project, its genesis, and the upcoming TFA event at Assateague Island National Seashore on June 2 from 9am to 1pm. Read Billy’s May 8 blog post on Trash Free Assateague, “Be the Change,” for more information.

We also talk about Hands Across the Sand, Saturday, May 19, to protest offshore oil rigs, at Assateague State Park.

Plus: Plastic straws (bad), lessons of nature (good), his blog “The Marsh,” and big plans for the fall.

A note on the production: I recorded Billy, at what has become my ad hoc recording studio at the Assateague Island Visitor Center, today, a rainy Thursday, May 17. I edited it in the comfy confines  of the Assateague Island Surf Shop, enjoying a superb Sunset sandwich and some fantastic coffee. (Thank you AI Visitor Center and AI Surf Shop!) Posting it today to make sure everyone has time to plan on attending Trash Free Assateague on June 2.

#TrashFreeAssateague. Share it. Let’s go!

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