AV Field Trip: May 16

I’m taking a few days to talk to folks for upcoming Assateague Voices podcast episodes. This morning, I had the great good fortune to talk with both Ashlie Kozlowski of the Assateague Island Alliance, and NPS Ranger Kelly Taylor, who manages the Assateague Island Visitor Center. In the days ahead, I’ll speak with Billy Weiland of Assateague Coastal Trust, Keith Koehler of NASA (I’m interviewing NASA!), Gretchen Knapp of the Tom’s Cove Visitor Center, and Angela Baldwin of Assateague State Park. I hope to squeeze a few more in while I’m here, too. Stay tuned.

So I got in yesterday around noon, clownishly struggled to put up my tent in a typically unrelenting Assateague SSE wind, put a tear in my rain fly in the process, and somehow drained my car battery. However, with the help of a neighbor the tent went up and stayed up through last night’s rain, masking tape from Rite Aid sealed the tear, and a resourceful Maryland DNR ranger helped me get the battery charged and and the car running again. Tide falls, tide rises.

Speaking of last night’s rain, here’s a little audio from around 3 a.m. Nothing much beats the sound of rain and surf. And here’s a little file of my “Assateague alarm clock,” who strongly encouraged me to get up to greet the dawn this morning. You will have to turn it up all the way to get a feel for just how strongly my friend encouraged me.

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