Bonus: Billy Weiland, “Strawberry Moon”

Standup paddleboarders

If you stayed after the credits for Episode 6, “Native Son,” you heard Billy Weiland perform his guitar composition, “Muir.” Here’s another one of his picks from his collection of songs on SoundCloud. Okay, so here’s a challenge to Billy and all Assateague lovin’ musicians. When I would listen to Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring,” I always thought it was a day in the life of a stretch of the Appalachians, from sunrise to sunset. Yes, I know it’s a ballet piece, but that’s what the music always evoked for me. My challenge, then, is for someone to create a musical suite that captures a day in the life of Assateague Island. I think Billy’s got a good head start, with “Ghost Pines.” Go check it out. The prize is a premiere of your suite on Assateague Voices, recorded live at the venue of your choice. This could be fun.


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